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New album AC/DC album in the works

From Planet Rock. Brian Johnson has ‘confirmed’ he is back in the AC/DC fold and is recording a new album with the band. Rumours that both Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd had rejoined forces with AC/DC exploded last August when photos emerged online that depicted the singer, drummer and engineer […]

Music News

Cassette sales grow 90% in 2018

  From Planet Rock. The humble cassette tape is continuing to enjoy a mini resurgence in popularity, according to newly released figures. Annual cassette sales were a meagre 4,333 in 2013, however by 2017 this figure had mushroomed to 22,011 – more than double 2016’s sales tally of 10,912. The […] News

Just landed: Original New Zealand Vinyl LPs

Just landed at is this incredible collection of original New Zealand pressed vinyl, such is its scarcity that it’s got some of the seasoned, battle-hardened vinyl types that populate the office (me included) into a bit of a fluster…’s why….   If you want to find other foreign pressed rarities […]