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New Portable Audiophile Turntable

Crosley have devloped an ‘audiophile’ turntable Famous for their vintage-style portable carry-case turntables, Crosley have announced a new ‘audiophile’ player, the Keepsake Deluxe, which promises to ‘refine’ the plug-in-and-play model with ‘high end performance’. What does this mean? As well as ubiquitous in-built pre-amp and speakers, the Keepsake Deluxe has […] News

Handmade Vinyl Albums: Yours For £2,500

We know that vinyl is back, but now the demand for retro is leading to some extraordinary prices. As LP sales return to a level not seen for almost 20 years, a small west London vinyl-only record label is busy producing handmade limited-edition albums that sell for up to £2,500. […] News

Audiophile Vinyl At

  Audiophile Vinyl: Why Buy? Audiophile vinyl releases are usually sourced from the original master tapes, allowing for a much closer representation of how the LP originally sounded. They often utilise techniques such as half-speed mastering (said to allow for much more accuracy with frequency), Quadrophonic sound (what we would […]