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Rare and collectable Baroness vinyl LP’s in stock now

For the past 15 years, Baroness have become a powerhouse within modern metal. Much like their Georgia-based brethren, Mastodon, they have broken free from the shackles of underground sludge and doom, allowing melody into their arsenal and reaching heights that were previously unimaginable for a band of their stature. Things […]

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John Carpenter announces UK tour

The master of the horror soundtrack, John Carpenter, has announced his return to the UK later this year. Carpenter will perform classic themes from Halloween, The Fog, The Thing, Christine and more, after releasing his Anthology collection of newly recorded versions of his tracks last year. The Night He Came Home Tour […]

Music News

Paul Weller announces new album, True Meanings

From NME: Paul Weller has officially announced the release of his next solo album, ‘True Meanings’. His fourteenth solo LP – and the twenty-sixth studio album of his career – is expected to mark a musical departure of sorts for Weller, with the new record promising to feature a “dreamy, peaceful, pastoral […]