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Record Collecting News

Tell us about your record collection…

We would like to know about your collections, be it vinyl LP’s, 7″ or 12″ Single, Compact Disc Albums & Single or Cassette Albums & Singles. If you are record collector, the chances are that not everyone understands your obsession. You’ve probably been asked dozens of questions about your collection […]

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Music Memorabilia

Rare and collectable music industry awards now in stock

Musicians traditionally tend to write music for themselves. They use the fire burning inside them to spur creativity and write something that other can connect with, which for most is the only reward they need. Of course, it is always nice when the artist is recognised for their achievements from […]

Music Memorabilia

Record Shop Promotional Only And Vintage Instore Displays

Promotional record store displays were produced for just that, record shops only. Wall displays, stand ups, standees, ‘bins’, ceiling displays, mobiles, window displays and window stickers. We’ve had them all. Most got binned at the end of a marketing promotion, carted home by record store staff, or thrown into storage. […]

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Released 40 Years Ago today: Bat Out Of Hell

Music News

Can you believe it was 40 years ago that this classic was released? The second studio album and the major-label debut by American rock singer Michael Lee Aday aka Meat Loaf, his first collaboration with composer Jim Steinman and producer Todd Rundgren. It has become one of the best-selling albums […]

New Evanescence song & video for Imperfection released

Music News

From Rolling Stone Magazine website. Evanescence have shared their reflective new video for “Imperfection,” a song off the band’s upcoming album Synthesis. Shot in Los Angeles, the video’s opening minutes focus on a young girl shell-shocked following an unseen tragedy. Those images are juxtaposed with Evanescence singer Amy Lee sitting at a bus […]

King Diamond: 30 years of Abigail

Music News

On a cold October night in 1987, King Diamond unleashed their second album, Abigail. Following the somewhat rough around the edges delivery of their debut album, Fatal Portrait, it was the first time the band attempted a concept album. It was a bold decision, but30 years later, Abigail still stands out as a landmark […]

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