Tony Blackburn and Ricky Wilson launch new pop mysteries podcast

Tony Blackburn and Kaiser Chiefs’ frontman Ricky Wilson are launching a new podcast – called ‘Ricky & Tony: Pop Detectives’ – to investigate some of pop’s biggest mysteries. Among the mysteries that we’ve all been arguing about for years now and which they will finally answer is the question: ‘Why did Gene Wilder follow Ricky Wilson on Twitter?’

“Welcome to our agency”, says Blackburn. “Ricky and I will be opening soon and solving many important pop mysteries. This has been something which has been needed for a long time. Rick and I look forward to opening the office soon and getting to work”.

“We can’t wait to get down to the serious detective work which we were born to do”, he adds. “This is a vision we’ve both had and I hope you’ll join us on our journey into serious pop journalism. We will leave no stone unturned, be certain of that”.

Other questions to be answered in the eight episode podcast series include: ‘Did Debbie Harry nearly get abducted by Ted Bundy?’ and ‘Was Avril Lavigne replaced by a lookalike in 2003?’ The answers, by the way, are “she claims she did” and “no, don’t be silly”, but I’m sure they’ll pad it out a bit more than that.

I don’t know why Gene Wilder followed Ricky Wilson on Twitter. Maybe it was an accident. We’ll all just have to tune in to find out. The first episode was live yesterday, 28 Jan. More info here.

From Andy Malt at CMU


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