A Much Loved Format: Cassette Albums, Cassettes Singles/Cassingles – a Retro Revival

It’s humble, it’s unobtrusive and it won’t take up much shelf space.

We all used to play them (well if you’re of a certain age you will have) until those shiny CD’s came along, with days spent in your bedroom taping compilations of songs that meant something [and forcing them on everyone who knew you].

Most commonly available though the 1970’s and 80’s on cassette albums and never one to miss out on a new format of the cassette single, Malcom Mclarens Bow Wow Wow started this particular ball rolling in 1980 and it ended it’s mainstream run in 2003, with no one owning up to the accolade. Primarily a means of exploiting the all singing Sony Walkmen cassette player, it lost out in the format battle and is but a fond memory.

Notoriously hard to find, many of the cassingles were more limited than we ever imagined, so if you really want to call yourself a serious collector then this has to be one of your ones.

Pay homage to the humble cassingle and take a peek through our catalogues here



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