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August 24, 2016 0

…another cracking week here at eil Towers with some top notch rarities including a promo only CD that features a duet between Elton John & the Pet Shop Boys which remains unreleased anywhere else, also look out for more Sir Elton rarities in the shape of a promo only 1977 t-shirt with exclusive 7″ single, look out for a rare US only PSB’s ‘Introspective’ triple vinyl pack, an original Japanese copy of Magna Carta’s prog classic ‘Songs From Wasties Orchard’, more Japanese vinyl rarities from Pink Floyd and the Stones and…pheew…here’s a few to whet the whistle, see them all here

The Who Before The Who – The High Numbers

August 24, 2016 0

Not many people know that The Who had another brief identity back in 1964. After changing managers, the band became known as The High Numbers for just a few months in 1964, and actually played a few shows under the new band name. Footage of the High Numbers is rare, but fortunately, we were able to dig up some footage of them performing at the Railway Hotel during their brief stint. In the footage, you can see all four members of The Who: Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon and John Entwistle, all at a very young age. Roger, Pete and John are all around 19-20 years old in the footage, while Keith is about 17 or 18 in the footage! Regardless of their age, they still sound fantastic at such an early stage of their career. Moon is ripping on the drums and you can hear him fine tuning his classic style, Roger’s voice sounds like it’s about to grow into what we all know and love, and of course Pete and John’s guitar has that classic Who sound as well. It makes you wonder to how odd it would be if they stuck with the High Numbers name. Obviously, it probably wouldn’t have effected their sound too much, but as far as branding things could have gone in a completely different direction. The Who is such a distinct and exclusive name. It’s hard to imagine calling them anything else. Either way, we’re happy this early footage of the band exists for our enjoyment. Check out the rare and exclusive footage down below, and enjoy!  

Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out: Massive Rolling Stones 16LP Boxset Announced….

August 23, 2016 0

Due for release in September is a whopping 16LP boxset that returns all the Stones classic ’60s LPs back to mono. All the albums are newly remastered and promise ‘unprecedented fidelity’. The box contains fourteen studio LPs (including the US and UK editions of several albums) plus a brand new compilation ‘Stray Cats’. Needless to say it will be lavishly packaged with 48 page book with a detailed piece by Rolling Stones David Fricke. The boxset is out on September 30th with the LPs available separately in 2017. What do we think – phwoaar, can’t wait……Or yet another fleecing of the die-hard Stones fans wallets? Tell us we want to know…. Looking for Stones rarities? Be sure to check the Rolling Stones Collectors Store at for a huge range of rare vinyl, reissues, imports, CDs, memorabilia and more.    

Sex Pistols – New 1976 Live 40th Anniversary Boxset – Out Now…

August 23, 2016 0

The Sex Pistols have just released a box-set of live albums, which will include their influential show at Manchester Free Trade Hall. The Manchester show on June 4 1976 was attended by the future members of Joy Division, who were inspired to become a band after seeing the concert. It was also witnessed by Morrissey, The Fall singer Mark E Smith, Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall and future Factory Records owner Tony Wilson. The concert was organised by Buzzcocks members Howard Devoto and Pete Shelley. The other shows in the ‘Live 76’ box-set, released on August 19, are from London, Burton-on-Trent and a concert at Chelmsford Prison. The show at the maximum-security prison was the idea of Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, who wanted the band to play shows aside from regular music venues. The London concert is from the Screen On The Green cinema in Islington, which has since been shown in cinemas, but hasn’t been released as an album before. The September 1976 gig at 76 Club in Burton-on-Trent has been widely bootlegged, but not given an official release. The box-set, available on CD and vinyl, will feature photographs and a reproduction of The Sex Pistols’ official press kit. The songs would go on to form the basis of The Sex Pistols’ sole album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ in 1977. Release date is August 19th Via the NME What do you think? Important release or just a (rock ‘n’ roll) swindle? Looking for Sex Pistols vinyl, CDs, memorabilia and more? Make sure you visit the Sex Pistols Collectors Store at

Mr Frank Zappa Is In The Building…Or His Rare Vinyl Records & CDs Are

August 23, 2016 0

In the office today, we are freaking out over a new collection that covers the LPs, singles, box sets, books & even a few gig posters released during the career of one of the most influential, innovative & controversial American artists of his time, Mr. Frank Zappa. The collection includes all the vinyl albums from the “invention” of The Mothers Of Invention in the sixties up to the Broadway The Hard Way world tour of the late eighties. Along the way are some of Zappa’s most essential works, from Hot Rats through to the commercial success of Apostrophe & Over-Nite Sensation up to the cutting edge, Jazz From Hell. To quote the man himself : “Music is the only religion that delivers the goods”! Discover what we’ve discovered here at    

Plaque to Honour David Bowie Outside His Former Berlin Home

August 23, 2016 0

The city of Berlin honours Bowie with ‘Heroes’ plaque outside the home where the musician lived while recording the legendary ‘Berlin Trilogy’ …and in situ… What do you think about Bowie being honoured in this way, does he warrant it, what other musicians should get a plaque? Looking for Bowie vinyl rarities, CDs, memorabilia and more? Be sure to check the David Bowie Collectors Store at to see an incredible range of all thing s Bowie…  

Dick’s Picks: ‘Colossal Youth’ Classic Post-Punk LP By The Young Marble Giants

August 22, 2016 0

Dick’s Picks: This week Dick has decided to spread the word about this classic slice of British 1980s vintage post-punk from the Young Marble Giants….. Young Marble Giants – who, what, where, when? Formed in Wales in 1978 from the ashes of a previous band ‘True Wheel’ the Young Marble Giants were comprised of brothers Philip (bass) and Stuart Moxham (guitars/organ/rhythm box) and the hesitant, unadorned vocals of Alison Statton. An early incarnation of the band included Peter Joyce (a relative of the Moxham brothers), Joyce would prove pivotal in shaping the band’s sound; an electronics whizz-kid who constructed his own home-made synths and drum machines from mail-order kits (he wasn’t alone in doing this btw, the late ‘70s saw quite a few synth pioneers on a budget doing something similar, hello Human League, Daniel Miller)… They say that necessity is the mother of invention and in YMG’s case that hoary old chestnut certainly rings true, forget flashy equipment, or creativity stymied by not knowing which of your 400 guitars you’re going to plug in and absolutely none of what Brian Eno called, “gallons of 24-track gravy”, simplicity was key and in following this Zen-like-path YMG had found a sound truly their own. Their ‘sound’ was one of super-tight clipped bass lines with fragmented, percussive guitar runs, a wonderfully so cheesy it’s eerie Bontempi organ, muffled drum machine rolls, all topped off with Alison’s ever-so-slightly detached vocal style. It doesn’t sound like much on paper but collectively the group had stumbled on a sound far more ‘daring’ than most other groups lumped in with the dreaded ‘post-punk’ moniker – here’s a clip of one of their first songs ‘Searching For Mr. Right’, an early version of which appeared on the 1979 ‘Is The War Over’ LP on the Welsh DIY label, Z Block Records….. […]

More Rare Vinyl & CDs From Our Buyer In Japan

August 22, 2016 0

The latest delivery from our Man in Japan has arrived. More Pet Shop Boys rarities abound (it’s been a fabulous four weeks for our PSB customers!), rare Elvis Presley 7″ singles, a smattering of hard to find Kylie Japanese CDs, collectable Miles Davies and much more… find it all here’s Facebook Group for loving rare vinyl records, LPs, CDs & music memorabilia….

August 21, 2016 0

As the world’s largest buyer and seller of rare & collectable vinyl records, CDs and memorabilia you can safely assume that here at we like nothing more than a good old chin-wag about all things music related. With this in mind we recently started a Facebook Group, the snappily titled ‘Rare vinyl records, LPs, CD & music memorabilia from‘ and now, just two months later, we find we have over 4000 members (with more joining everyday) – we’d like to say a huge thank you to all those who’ve joined and helped make the forum such a success – thanks!   So, if you’ve yet to join what can you expect? Well, all manner of ‘record collectory’ type stuff that’s what….so if you’re an experienced battle hardened collector, or you’ve just recently dusted off your old turntable or perhaps you’re brand new to this record collecting lark, all are welcome! To find out more click here and join the conversation.          

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