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If there was ever a ‘Mount Rushmore’ created of bands, there’s no doubt the Rolling Stones would have to be among the artists etched in stone. Even now, over 50 years after their inception, the band continues to tour and seemingly haven’t missed a step. With a back catalogue as vast as their’s, it has produced some of the most collectable vinyl and memorabilia we see here, and below are just a handful of the highlights.

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Rolling Stones But Naked - Unreleased artwork UK ROLARBU635831

But Naked: Incredible and unique collection of unreleased artwork for preliminary design concepts of the sleeve artwork for a 1995 album titled Rolling Stones But Naked – this title was later changed and thealbum released as Stripped. The artwork boards vary in size and each shows a different visual concept for the ‘finished’ cover. Viewing these some 20 years after their creation it’s incredible that they were rejected at all. There are 15 boards with depictions ranging from Album Visual, CD Album Visual, Box For CD (Slip Case), Box For CD with Snake Skin Texture + Belly Band, etc; a further 5 presentation boards each displaying a different pair of 3-D artwork visuals; 4 more separate colour prints each with 2 design concepts; a black plastic folder titled ROLLING STONES, “BUT NAKED” PRESENTATION displaying 8 further concepts – these are individually titled and include Underwear cover, Cigaratte (sic) cover, Bondage cover 1, Kertez cover, Cigaratte cover 2, Bondage cover 2, Leventhal Doll cover, and Rheims Bedroom cover. Finally, a quantity of 35 sheets of A3 paper designs in colour and black & white; these are hand annotated concepts depicting ‘Images as reaction to the title’, ‘Tour Pass ideas’, ‘X-ray idea’, ‘Richard Misrach images’, ‘Helmut Newton images’, ‘Naked packaging’,’ Fluxus blind image’, ‘Images using live photos’ and ‘Basquiat paintings’. In total there are over 40 different unreleased artwork designs for the But Naked cover, with the additional paper items providing an interesting insight into the concepts and thought process that inform an album cover project such as this. Truly a one-off stunning collection that could simply never be repeated!

Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang Japan Tour 2006 CD Album Box Set Japanese ROLDXAB418760
ROLLING STONES A Bigger Bang Japan Tour 2006 (Rare & legendary 2006 Mail-Order Only Japanese Box Set, consisting of all eight 2006 remastered CD albums in exclusive individual 12″ ‘vinyl replica’ picture sleeves complete with their respectivereplica inserts or posters. Housed in a beautiful custom 12″ x 12″ x 2″ slipcase box, all CDs remain unplayed & the packaging appears near mint. Please see ‘more info’ for details regarding this extremely limited item!).


Rolling Stones Wild Horses - 'Gimme Shelter Live Sleeve' 7" vinyl single (7 inch record) Japanese ROL07WI749726

ROLLING STONES Wild Horses (1971 original Japanese ‘RSR’ yellow label 7″ single made by Warner Bros-Pioneer Corporation, b/w Sway. This example has the withdrawn ‘Gimme Shelter’ live-on-stage picture sleeve, generally regarded to be therarest of all the Japanese picture inserts. In addition this copy comes complete with its regular ‘two horses’ picture sleeve, a correct Atlantic Records die-cut company inner, and a simply MINT condition record. Unrepeatable!).

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