Metallica launch Monopoly World Tour Edition board game

From Loudersound.

To their credit, Metallica have tried their best to bring positivity and cheer to what’s been a tricky year. The S&M2 album was a delight, their Metallica Monday series of live streamed classic shows was a nice idea, and their recent Helping Hands benefit concert and auction raised a tidy $1.3 million for charity, which is also to be applauded. Now, in a final throw of the dice to raise spirits at the tail end of this annus horibilis, the Bay Area ’bangers have released a new Monopoly board game. Which is nice, innit?

“Metallica and Monopoly have collaborated once again to bring you an all new, second edition of this American classic!” the band say in a statement.

“This time we’re celebrating life on the road, including the World Record breaking, Whiplash-filled year of 2013 when Metallica became the first and only band to ever perform on all seven continents. Tour around the globe with your collectable token to some of the band’s favourite cities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. You’ll even find yourself Trapped Under Ice in Antarctica!”

“Purchase property with your Metalli-bucks, acquire all the cities on one continent, and add arenas and stadiums to increase your value. Land on one of the Carpe Diem or Shortest Straw spaces and be rewarded with sticks, picks, and snake pit passes, or fined with parking and stage repair fees. Travel the world, Metallica-style, while building your real estate empire!”

Players undertaking this doubtless thrill-packed ride can chose to stomp around the board as Lady Justice, the Death Magnetic coffin, the Ride the Lightning electric chair, a Master of Puppets Cross, Metal Up Your Ass toilet or Scary Guy. You can pick up a copy through Metallica’s official site.

Lovely stuff. Who’s in?


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