Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell announces solo box set

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Perry Farrell has announced that he’ll release a box set collecting his work outside of Jane’s Addiction and Porno For Pyros.

It’s titled Perry Farrell: The Glitz; The Glamour and it’ll be released on November 6.

The collection will span a total of nine vinyl LPs and feature 68 tracks and include material from his first band Psi Com, his 2001 project Song Yet To Be Sung, Satellite Party’s Ultra Payloaded and Kind Heaven, alongside remixes and more.

To mark the news, Farrell has released a new stream of Psi Com’s Ho Ka Hey which can be listened to below.

The box set will also include a Blu-ray featuring 12 uncompressed Dolby Atmos mixes from Kind Heaven, alongside three previously unreleased Atmos mixes. In addition to the music, The Glitz; The Glamour will include a hardcover mini book, a bandana, and two exclusive Zoltar prints.

An edited version of the collection will launch on streaming and digital platforms on the same day as the box set release.

A statement on the box set adds: “There is also an unearthed recording of The Doors’ Jim Morrison that Farrell composed, and to complete the circle written and recorded with LA’s next generation Starcrawler.

Perry Farrelll: The Glitz; The Glamour

Disc 1 – Psi Com
1. Ho Ka Hey
2. Human Condition
3. Xiola
4.  City Of 9 Gates
5. Winds

Discs 2 & 3 – Song Yet to Be Sung
1. Happy Birthday Jubilee
2. Song Yet To Be Sung
3.  Did You Forget
4. Shekina
5. Our Song
6. Say Something
7. Seeds
8. King Z
9. To Me
10. Nua Nua
11. Admit I
12. Happy Birthday Jubilee (Reprise)

Discs 4 & 5 – Satellite Party Ultra Payloaded
1. Wish Upon A Dog Star
2. Only Love, Let’s Celebrate
3. Hard Life Easy
4. Kinky
5. The Solutionists
6. Awesome
7. Mr. Sunshine
8. Insanity Rains
9. Milky Ave
10. Ultra-Payloaded
11. Woman In The Window

Disc 6 – Kind Heaven
1. (Red, White, And Blue) Cheerfulness
2. Pirate Punk Politician
3. Snakes Have Many Hips
4. Machine Girl
5. One
6. Where Have You Been All My Life
7. More Than I Could Bear
8. Spend The Body
9. Let’s All Pray For This World

Discs 7 & 8 – Remixes & Features
1. Let’s All Pray for This World (UNKLE Reconstruction)
2. Shekina (Groove Armada Terrace 2000 Remix)
3. The Solutionists (François K Brave Vocal Mix)
4. Where Have You Been All My Life (Solomun Remix)
5. Pirate Punk Politician (Hyper Remix)
6. Let’s All Pray for This World (Maceo Plex Exclusive Remix)
7. Milky Ave (Speakman Sound Remix)
8. Machine Girl (Richard Norris Remix)
9. Oh The Sunn! (The Avalanches feat. Perry Farrell)
10. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Booka Shade Remix)
11. Where Have You Been All My Life (PaperMacheTiger Planet Moog Remix)

Disc 9 – B-Sides, Rarities & New Music
1. Turn Over The World ft Starcrawler – Perry Farrell new music
2. Vast Visitation ft.recording of Jim Morrison – Perry Farrell new music
3. Cling To Life- Kind Heaven Orchestra- new music
4. Love Feedback- Kind Heaven Orchestra new music
5. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin Cover) -from the Perry Farrell album Rev
6. Rev – from the Perry Farrell album Rev
7. Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) – taken from Twilight soundtrack
8. Nasty Little Perv- from the Album NCIS TV Soundtrack

Blu-Ray DVD Atmos Mixes
1. Kind Heaven Album
2. (Red, White, And Blue) Cheerfulness
3. Pirate Punk Politician
4. Snakes Have Many Hips
5. Machine Girl
6. One
7. Where Have You Been All My Life
8. More Than I Could Bear
9. Spend The Body
10. Let’s All Pray For This World

Bonus Tracks
1. Let’s All Pray for This World (Maceo Plex Exclusive Remix)
2. Machine Girl (Richard Norris Remix)
3. Love Feedback- Kind Heaven Orchestra New track

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  1. I found this page as a Starcrawler fan, as they’d mentioned working with Perry Farrell in a recent interview. 9 albums plus? I’ll have to hope their collaboration is available separately!

    Now I’m here I’m baffled by the Jim Morrison comments. A recording of Morrison that Perry Farrell “composed”? Jim Morrison has been dead for 49 years – he died when Farrell was 12. Is the info in their press release just badly written, or can someone explain?

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