Art Vinyl & “Best Art Vinyl 2019 Competition” – Place Your Vote By 10th January 2020

On December 3rd 2019 Art Vinyl launched ‘Best Art Vinyl 2019’, this year’s search for the most creative and well-designed record cover of the year, joining an archive of stunning designs from the past fifteen years.

A diverse shortlist of 50 striking record covers from music artists including Beirut, Lana Del Ray and most importantly, design legends such as Vaughan Oliver who created the original graphic imprint for the 4AD record label. All 50 nominations having been selected by a panel of music design experts.

From the 3rd of December, the public are invited to vote for their three 2019 favourites, online at .The public votes ultimately decides the overall winner.

As a regular touring exhibition, the Best Art Vinyl Award winners will be on show throughout the coming year in various galleries and public spaces. For a quick fix of amazing sleeve design, the Art Vinyl archive featuring over 700 stunning record covers can be enjoyed online. From this archive each year of nominations depicts a snap shot of contemporary vinyl artwork from each respective year of the award.

Unique to Best Art Vinyl 2019, will be a partnership with the Auction Collective – London’s newest auction house, created in 2017 to support emerging and under-represented artists.

The Auction Collective will be exhibiting LEND YOUR EARS + OPEN YOUR EYES, an auction that celebrates the visual arts in the music industry. Original album artwork, music photography and design work from today’s most promising emerging artists will be exhibited and auction on 16 January.

Last year, Best Art Vinyl 2018 saw over 12,000 public votes for the best album art, photography and graphic design in modern music culture. The public’s favourite cover of 2018 was designed and photographed by regular visual collaborator Rahi Rezvari for UK Indie Rockers Editors.

Previous winners also include early work by Dan Hillier, for Royal Blood’s eponymous album and designs for more established rock artists like David Gilmour who have always had a strong association with album art through Pink Floyd and the Hypnosis design team.

Best Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps said of this year’s unique Art Prize; “Amazingly less than half of this year’s nominations actually feature the band/artist name and title within the sleeve design. It’s as if the sleeve has become far more than a basic communication tool but a veritable standalone piece of contemporary art”.

“Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes, is the first exhibition to shine a light on the collaborations of today’s emerging artists and emerging musicians. Running the show as a public auction gives music and art fans across the world an equal opportunity to take home a piece of history from the stars of tomorrow” – Tom Best, Director & Auctioneer, The Auction Collective.

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