Dick’s Picks: ‘Bond Bergland’ – Long lost ’80s U.S. post-punk vinyl LP…..

Dick’s Picks: A long lost ’80s U.S. post-punk LP from former member of cult American industrial act ‘Factrix’…..

BOND BERGLAND Bond Bergland: 1986 US-only 10-track LP, a fantastic near-lost ritualistic/apocalyptic Psych/Post-Punk fest with chasms of empty naked sound & glacial bass riffage, unique picture sleeve. Full sales info here

Bond Bergland

Bond Bergland was none other than a trombonist who played with the Boyd Raeburn orchestra (aged just 16) before joining Stan Kenton in the late ’40s and early ’50s….errr, hang on, no he wasn’t. That was THE OTHER Bond Bergland, a renowned brass player from the pre-rock ‘n’ roll era, what we’re looking at is a 30 year old slice of American post-punk with psychedelic and middle eastern tropes from the mysteriously named Bond Bergland…..

Formed in the mid-‘80s from the ashes of cult US industrial freak-mongers Factrix, whose early releases involved equal parts ‘sound-poetry’, ‘minimalist rock stylings’ and ‘tape manipulations’, Bond Bergland are an ever-so-slightly more ‘friendly’ proposition. There are very few sound clips around of the album so you’re just going to have to take my word that the album itself is a bit of an undiscovered gem: Bond Bergland’s first-rate psychedelic guitar invocations are found throughout, with cult ‘no-waver’ Chris Cunningham (ex-James White & The Blacks drummer) suppling all manner of middle eastern and ethnic percussion and assorted musical flotsam and jetsam throughout – N-I-C-E!

Thankfully track 3, ‘The Mercy Seat’ (no not that one) is on Youtube, although not entirely typical of the album, its circular guitar motifs, synth/string backings and sonorous vocals a’ la Dead Can Dance gives you some idea of where it’s at…..


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