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Dick’s Picks: Shawn Phillips ‘Rumplestiltskin’s Resolve’ top-notch ’70s singer-songwriter folk/rock/jazz/funk vinyl LP

March 21, 2017 Tim Card 0

Dick’s Picks: An oft-overlooked slice of vintage U.S. singer-songwriterisms that takes a gentle stroll around folk, jazz, funk ‘n’ soul from the little-known Shawn Phillips….. SHAWN PHILLIPS Rumplestiltskin’s Resolve What is this strange beast we see before us? Is it a regular evening in round Rick Wakeman’s circa 1976? A […]

Rare & Vintage Vinyl & CDs

Dick’s Picks: Rare and original Smiths proof artwork

February 27, 2017 Tim Card 0

Dick’s Picks: This week’s pick is this rare and original Smiths Rough Trade era artwork, ‘cos “not everything has to be a record right?” The Smiths Unlike most bands who, when looked at retrospectively, can be seen to who have had either a) a great beginning b) a purple patch […]

Rare & Vintage Vinyl & CDs

Dick’s Picks: Swinging London – top Psychedelic cash-in-vinyl LP

December 19, 2016 Tim Card 1

Dick’s Picks: This week our man Dick is sticking to familiar territory with this so-bad-it’s-good psychedelic cash-in from the always opportunistic Saga label….. A Bit of background The Saga label was a pioneering independent run by enigmatic Marcel Rodd; a business maverick that thought nothing of running a new record […]

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Dick’s Picks: French Poetry Vinyl Anthologies

November 14, 2016 Tim Card 0

  Dick’s Picks: This week our resident vinyl guru ‘Dick’ has decided to get a little metaphysical on yo’ ass with a selection of French poetry anthologies, ‘wot no rock, metal, prog or psych’ I hear you ask, what’s that got to do with music and why should we care? […]

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Dick’s Picks: Timothy Clover Rare Sixties Psychedelic Curio

October 31, 2016 Tim Card 0

Dick’s Picks: This week our high priest of vinyl ‘Mr A’ has chosen to shine his multi-coloured spotlight on a little known psychedelic curio by Timothy Clover. Timothy What? Who? Check the LP sleeve, nope still not clear… ….so is it Timothy Clover? The Cambridge Concept? Or even The Bean […]

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Dick’s Picks: Rare Blues 10″ Vinyl From Big Bill Broonzy

August 15, 2016 Tim Card 0

Dick’s Picks: Not some super obscure artist this week but a weird release that’s for sure! A 10″ vinyl white label with hand-written labels from blues legend Big Bill Broonzy….. Big Bill Who? Lee Conley Bradley a.k.a Big Bill Broonzy (1983-1958) was a prolific American blues singer, songwriter and guitarist. Over […]

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Dick’s Picks: The Firesign Theatre Surreal US Vinyl LP…….

August 8, 2016 Tim Card 3

Dick’s Picks: This week’s choice from our man Dick is this seldom seen slice of late ’60s surrealistic US comedy vinyl from the Firesign Theatre, to skip straight to the website info click here, or else read on… The Firesign Theatre – Who? The Firesign Theatre were/are an American comedy […]

Rare & Vintage Vinyl & CDs

Dick’s Picks: Magazzini Criminali Rare Italian Post Punk ‘Plunderphonics’ Vinyl LP

July 25, 2016 Tim Card 0

Dick’s Picks: Dick’s pick this week is the bizarro Italian post-punk curveball that is ‘Crollo Nervoso’ by Magazzini Criminali – their debut longplayer has been described as the ‘first to execute an album length work of explicit plunderphonics’……..plunder-what? Magazzini Criminali Forming in Florence Italy in 1972, this avant-garde theatre group would […]