On this day in 1978…..

…the Robert Stigwood (Saturday Night Fever) produced film Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released, starring the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton, with a story line that featured Billy Shears and The Hendersons (geddit?) getting the band back together it produced some truly bizarre moments – elderly US comedian George Burns singing ‘Fixing A Hole’ (yes really) is a particular fave! Needless to say it completely bombed and received a hammering from critics everywhere, it’s now filed in the ‘strange but true’ category, if you’ve seen the film, went to see it on release or even want to make the case for the film/OST being a lost gem….tell us we’d love to know? In the meantime you can watch this short clip which gives you an idea of what you’ve been missing…




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  1. I’ve got this LP in my collection still. I bought it in 1978 because I loved the movie. Pity that the movie had bombed as it was funny and entertaining. Maybe that’s why it did bomb. People seem to like violence instead.

    • Hello, I like it for its so crap it’s great quality! George Burns ‘singing’ Fixing a Hole is particular fave! Thanks

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