Vintage Music Memorabilia – what rarities are in our current ‘Top 3’?

Alongside our huge range of vintage vinyl, imports, reissues, new releases and more, here at we also look for items of music memorabilia. This can range from promotional items to official merchandise to all manner of music related delights – some of these items were produced in such small quantities or are of such a vintage that they have become increasingly hard to find. Here’s our current Top 3 Music Memorabilia items, to see them all click here

PINK FLOYD Rainbow No. 13: Extremely rare 1972 UK 12-page 8″ x 6″ programme for their shows at The Rainbow on February 17, 18, 19 & 20. This fascinating artifact has six pages devoted to Pink Floyd including an advert for their new album ‘Meddle’ on the back & the lyrics to ‘Breathe’, ‘Time’, ‘Money’, ‘Us & Them’ & ‘Brain Damage’ from ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ as a centrefold, a full year before its release. The programme also has a page….
…dedicated to Chicken Shack & Savoy Brown,who played on February 21st. This amazing piece was obtained from the original owner who picked it up at the time when he attended one of the gigs & has kept it in pristine condition ever since. The only clue to its origins is evidence of a centre crease where it was once folded to fit in the back pocket of a pair of loon pants, otherwise it is pristine – Complete with a ticket stub for the Saturday show – A fantastic Floyd folio! More info here
THE DAMNED Slash Magazine Issue 1, May 1977 “Mayday” (Vintage May 1977 ‘Volume One Number One’ of the Slash magazine newspaper, which offered a totally unauthorized archive of the punk explosion both sides of the pond, as & when it happened, with this issue drawing its focus on The Damned. Contains an exclusive interview with the band & a great front cover silhouette image of David Vanian. This is a mint archive copy from dead stock sealed in 1993 by Mob Disc with a ’93’ dated dollar price sticker attached to the outer shrink, recently picked on our US travels, it remains unopened & in pristine condition. Measures 15.5″ x 12 More info here
THE BEATLES Yeah Yeah Yeah Flanelette Bedspread: Rare 1964 UK white cotton flanelette bedspread measuring appoximately five feet by eight feet [70″ x 93″] with a large colourful group design of all the Beatles playing instruments with the wording ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ and ‘The Beatles’. The design is done to a high standard and is embroidered to the cotton in multiple colours. For fifty year old bed linen this one remains in fantastic condition with bright unfaded colours. Just the thing as you nestledown with your favourite Beatle pillow under Beatle sheets and Beatle blanket! More info here

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