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The Record Vacuum TV Ad from 1978

Courtesy of Taking it back to 1978 with this priceless informercial by Ronco, giants of the “As Seen On TV” sales pitches which became part of Amercian Pop Culture. The Ronco company also put out tons of products under the Popeil name, from the Popeil Pocket Fisherman, the Veg-O-Matic, the Chop-O-Matic […]

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On this (festive) day in 1967….

….BBC Television broadcast The Beatles movie ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, after almost being untouchable since their first brush with fame, this was the first time that the Beatles star began to waver. The film was broadcast on the BBC in black & white (colour telly was still a few years off, […]

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What’s in our Boxing Day Top 5 vinyl records?

……..ahh Boxing Day, a tradition in the U.K. that dates back to middle ages when gifts were handed out to the poor and needy, in 2016 it often means….sitting around drinking and eating chocolate! Here without further ado, is our Boxing Day themed ‘Top 5 Vinyl Records’ Find rare vinyl, […]

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Glastonbury 2017 line-up: Ed Sheeran set to headline alongside Radiohead and Foo Fighters?

It is arguably the third most talked-about topic when it comes to the subject of Glastonbury. After the thorny issue of securing tickets and the all-important weather forecast, the iconic festival’s line-up comes under close scrutiny – particularly when it comes to speculation about its headline acts. October’s revelation that Radiohead is to headline the Pyramid stage […]

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Brian Eno: New Album Out January 1st 2017

…..ambient pioneer and all-round music genius Brian Eno has a brand new album, ‘Reflection’ set for release on Jan 1st, released on Warp Records the album will be available on Apple TV and iOS, with users able to explore different visuals and sonics depending on which platform they use. If […]

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A-ha Announce Plans For Acoustic Dates in 2017

Reported on SuperDeluxeedition a-ha (don’t say they’re back together!) have announced plays for a series of acoustic dates that will culminate in a live album/concert film release in late 2017. These ‘intimate’ performances will take place between 26 and 30 June next year (venue/location not confirmed) and the live album/concert film will […]

Rare & Vintage Vinyl & CDs

Your Weekly Best Of Premium Collectables including Madonna, Stones, Bob Dylan, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Bowie & More…

…..more rarest of the rare vinyl & CDs through the doors this week – including some monster-rare ’60s Japanese Dylan 7″ vinyl, highly sought after Japanese mail order only Rolling Stones boxset, a US only ‘DJ’ edition of Madonna’s Bedtime Stories on lurid pink vinyl, a 1988 vintage Beatles ‘Bread Bin’ box […]