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In Stock: Japanese Vinyl & CDs

  Japanese Vinyl/CDs: Why Buy? Vinyl is invariably cut from the original masters Premium grade ‘virgin vinyl’ is used Very quiet pressings Superb audio clarity Beautiful presentation Heavyweight card sleeves Bonus UK/Japanese lyric inserts CDs often contain bonus tracks Many Japanese Only Releases Most Japanese albums feature an ‘obi’ (obi-strip), […]

First time sales hit 1 million in 18 years,
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Vinyl record sales hit 18-year high

We are excited to hear the news that more than one million vinyl records have been sold in the UK so far this year – the first time the milestone has been achieved since 1996. With Pink Floyd’s The Endless River becoming the fastest-selling vinyl release since 1997 and the Official Chart Company […]

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Audiophile Vinyl At Eil.com

  Audiophile Vinyl: Why Buy? Audiophile vinyl releases are usually sourced from the original master tapes, allowing for a much closer representation of how the LP originally sounded. They often utilise techniques such as half-speed mastering (said to allow for much more accuracy with frequency), Quadrophonic sound (what we would […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Vinyl

Cardboard box? No. Tall stack in the garage? Definitely not. A very special corner of the attic? Strike three. When it comes to storing and organizing vinyl, some of the most cliche spots are actually the worst offenders in causing warping, scratches and cracks. Give your vinyl collection a little […]

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Pigs Do Fly! Just landed at eil.com……

Here at Eil Towers we’re getting just a little bit excited about this incredible 1977 vintage ‘Pink Floyd Pig’, which was used exclusively in France to promote the album ‘Animals’, measuring a whopping 31″ high by 48″ long [approx], it’s nearly a full size Piggie! We’ve never had one of these […]

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36 Things Vinyl Collectors Love

1. That sound when the needle first hits the record. 2. Finding the perfect record player for your room 3. Getting an amazing set of speakers to really complete the experience. Be sure to check the other 33 (and a third?) things vinyl collectors love here courtesy of Matthew Perpetua of buzzfeed.com […]