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Audiophile Vinyl: Why Buy?

  1. Audiophile vinyl releases are usually sourced from the original master tapes, allowing for a much closer representation of how the LP originally sounded.
  2. They often utilise techniques such as half-speed mastering (said to allow for much more accuracy with frequency), Quadrophonic sound (what we would now call 4:0 surround sound), as well as brand new ‘virgin’ vinyl (in the past some new vinyl releases may have been pressed on melted down unsold records!)
  3. They tend to be pressed on heavyweight vinyl (180g) or more. However, there’s a big debate amongst audiophile fans as to whether this offers any sonic improvement, we think it does, often giving a much fuller, bass heavy sound and greater dynamic range.
  4. Some audiophile releases will be released on double vinyl which plays at 45rpm, the wider grooves allowing for yet more audio fidelity.
  5. They make a perfect Christmas present for the vinyl lover in your life!

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