Future Collectables: Record Shops In-Store Promotional Displays

Just landed at Eil Towers is a vast 30 year archive of record shop ‘in store’ displays, you know the things….life size cut-outs of your favourite artist, posters, album artwork, which, if not taking pride of place in the shop window, would have been placed strategically around the store, all designed to make you part with your hard earned cash!

Unless you were like me and made a bit of a nuisance of yourself asking the shop manager, “please can I have that Pixies poster” (yes I was that sad), these items remained elusive, tantalisingly close and, most importantly, never commercially available, resulting in quite a surge in recent years in their all-round collectability – finding them in decent shape is no mean feat either.

We’ve got a huge amount we’re working through with some top-notch artists including; David Bowie, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, The Smiths and loads, loads more….

Keep checking back here to see what’s being added – or tell us what you’re looking for?





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