Frank Zappa’s New York Halloween shows from 1981 to be celebrated in new box set

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A new Frank Zappa box set will be released on November 1 celebrating his Halloween shows from 1981.

Zappa took to the stage at The Palladium in New York City from October 29 to November 1 for a total of five shows, with Halloween 81 featuring more than 80 tracks which will be spread over six CD.

Along with more than seven hours of live music, Halloween 81 –  the latest in the Zappa costume box set series – will come with a Count Frankula mask and a red and black cape “so fans can dress like vampire Frank Zappa for Halloween or display alongside their FRANKenZAPPA mask and gloves from last year’s Halloween 73 box, or the retro mask and costume of the maestro himself from the inaugural release.”

Halloween 81 has been fully  authorised by the Zappa Trust and has been produced by Ahmet Zappa and Joe Travers, with all five shows mixed from the original Ampex 456 2-inch 24-track analog tape masters by Craig Parker Adams earlier this year.

The box set will also include a 40-page booklet with photos from the event by John Livzey, and new liner notes by touring band member Robert Martin, Joe Travers and super fan Gary Titone.

In addition to the six-track box set, a single CD version titled Halloween 81: Highlights From The Palladium, New York City will also be released on November 1 through Zappa Records/UMe.

(Image credit: ZAPPA RECORDS/UMe)

Frank Zappa: Halloween 81 6CD Box set

CD 1: October 31, 1981: 8pm Show
1. Chunga’s Revenge
2. “The Finest Night Of The Year”
3. You Are What You Is – Take 1
4. You Are What You Is – Take 2
5. Mudd Club
6. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
7. Dumb All Over
8. Heavenly Bank Account
9. Suicide Chump
10. Jumbo Go Away
11. Envelopes
12. Drowning Witch
13. What’s New In Baltimore?
14. Moggio
15. We’re Turning Again
16. Alien Orifice

CD2: October 31, 1981: 8pm Show cont.
1. Teen-age Prostitute
2. Flakes
3. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
4. The Blue Light
5. Tinsel Town Rebellion
6. Yo Mama
7. Bobby Brown Goes Down
8. City Of Tiny Lites
9. “We’re Not Gonna Stand For It!”
10. Strictly Genteel
11. Dancin’ Fool
12. Whipping Post

CD3: October 31, 1981: Midnight show
1. Black Napkins
2. “A Historical Event”
3. Montana
4. Easy Meat
5. Society Pages
6. I’m A Beautiful Guy
7. Beauty Knows No Pain
8. Charlie’s Enormous Mouth
9. Fine Girl
10. Teen-age Wind
11. Harder Than Your Husband
12. Bamboozled By Love
13. Sinister Footwear II
14. Stevie’s Spanking
15. Commercial Break

CD4: October 31, 1981: Midnight show cont
1. Cocaine Decisions
2. Nig Biz
3. Doreen
4. Goblin Girl
5. The Black Page #2
6. Tryin’ To Grow A Chin
7. Strictly Genteel
8. The Torture Never Stops
9. “The Real Show Keeps Going”
10. Joe’s Garage
11. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
12. The Illinois Enema Bandit
13. “The Halloween Tradition”
14. King Kong
15. Auld Lang Syne

CD5: November 11, 1981
1. Zoot Allures
2. “The Last Of Our Halloween Shows”
3. I’m The Slime
4. Pound For A Brown
5. Dave & Al
6. Cosmik Debris
7. Montana
8. Easy Meat
9. Dumb All Over
10. Heavenly Bank Account
11. Suicide Chump
12. Jumbo Go Away
13. Envelopes
14. Drowning Witch

CD6: November 11, 1981 cont.
1. What’s New In Baltimore?
2. Moggio
3. We’re Turning Again
4. Alien Orifice
5. Teen-age Prostitute
6. Sinister Footwear II
7. Stevie’s Spanking
8. Cocaine Decisions
9. Nig Biz
10. Goblin Girl
11. The Black Page #2
12. Whipping Post
13. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
14. The Torture Never Stops

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