Robert Fripp’s Music For Quiet Moments series to be released

From Loudersound.

DGM Records have announced they are launching the Robert Fripp Music for Quiet Moments series. They will be releasing a soundscape every Friday on DGMLive, You Tube, Spotify, Apple Music and all the main online music platforms.

“Hopefully something that will nourish us, and help us through these Uncertain Times,” says co-producer David Singleton. “I have certainly enjoyed the peace that comes with editing and mastering them. Turning a seeming disadvantage to our advantage, a year at home without touring offers the chance to listen for the first time in many cases to existing live recordings. And there are treasures to be found!”

“My own quiet moments, over fifty-one years of being a touring player, have been mostly in public places where, increasingly, a layer of noise has intentionally overlaid and saturated the sonic environment,” adds Fripp. “Quiet Moments of my musical life, expressed in Soundscapes, are deeply personal; yet utterly impersonal: they address the concerns we share within our common humanity.

“Some of these Soundscapes are inward-looking, reflective. Some move outwards, with affirmation. Some go nowhere, simply being where they are.”

Robert Fripp

(Image credit: DGM)

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    • Thanks for commenting Brian. We don’t have a direct line to Robert Fripp, but if the album comes out on CD I would think it will easily available online. Keep your eyes peeled… and thanks for reading our blog, we appreciate it.

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