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Trish works in packaging & despatch

Find out who works on the and team, what they do, and how to get in touch…


JULIAN THOMAS: Julian is a co-founder and head buyer. He specialises in 60s/70s, Beatles, Stones, Zep, Jazz vinyl collections – British, Modern & Avant Garde.

STEPHEN FRANKLIN: Stephen (or Syd) manages the team that brings the stock in and ultimately gets it live on our site. He is also a key buyer specialising in 70s to 90s Heavy Metal & indie, Rock & Prog including Led Zep, Queen, Rush, Jethro Tull and beyond

MARK EVETTS: Mark is one of our buyers and sources Pop, Punk & New Wave, Indie and Alternative from underground to mainstream

GLEN BUSHELL: Glen is one of our buyers, his area of knowledge and expertise covers Indie & Alternative, Movie/Film Soundtracks, Grunge & Metal, Electronica & current music

TIM CARD: Tim is one of our buyers. He’s mad about Punk/New Wave & 80s indie, disco/soul/funk/electronica and basically all manner of strange records that defy easy categorisation!

RICHARD WILSON: Rich is a key researcher and occasional buyer of Jazz, Funk, Disco, the stranger and more unusual preferred!

YASUHIKO YASHIKI: Mr Yashiki is our Japanese based buyer travelling Japan wide sourcing vast amounts of rare product, spanning all genres. All of which all ends up in our UK Warehouse for sorting.

RICHARD AUSTIN: Richard  is one of our buyers and is responsible for our SW buying Office based in Devon.  He buys anything from Art Pepper to Frank Zappa – 1950s to the 2000s.

LAURA STONEMAN: Laura works alongside our buyers, researching, pricing and describing stock for our website. When she’s not wearing that hat, she’s probably answering emails from you, our customers.

SHARON SEXTON: Sharon also works alongside our buyers, researching, pricing and describing stock for our website

JEAN PAUL CARTWRIGHT: JP works alongside our buyers, researching, pricing and describing stock for our website. JP also looks after our Blogs, Twitter Accounts, Facebook pages & Groups and Instagram. YouTube… Phew!

PHIL ASHDOWN: Phil works alongside our buyers, researching, pricing and describing stock for our website

MIKE WENBAN: Mike first worked for us in 2001 then left to teach English in Japan. 17 years later he returned to the UK and he’s back on our team!  Mike works alongside our buyers, researching, pricing and describing stock for our site and you can communicate with him in Japanese

ANDY GIBBONS: Andy is the newest member of our Product Team working alongside the buyers, adding product to our website

Want to get in touch with any of our buyers by phone? See more here, call 0800 345 7551 or email



CATHRYN DRAPER Cathryn is a Director and oversees day to day business operations, logistics and recruitment. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our team, she would love to hear from you in writing.

ROY FORD: Roy takes care of customers needs via phone, email or live Chat.

LUKE HEAVER: Luke also takes care of our customers by phone, email or via our live Chat.

JASON WALSHJason answers all of your emails and looks after our long standing third party seller stores, not least of which are ebay and Amazon

CHERYL LEES: Cheryl is responsible for all stages of customer orders, from the moment it hits our system to the moment it leaves our warehouse.  And everything in between. Cheryl and her team also take care of the images of our stock you see on the sites.

TRICIA MURPHY: Tricia works alongside Cheryl and Ben taking care of your orders and our warehouse

BEN WATERS: Ben works alongside Tricia and Cheryl taking care of your orders and our warehouse

DAVID JOYCE: Dave takes care of our buildings, our warehousing and your orders

TIM SMITH & PAUL HATFIELD – are helping us continue with the immediate despatch of your orders in the run up to Christmas

SKITTLES THE GUINEA PIG: Skittles provides piggy therapy, squeaks and purrs.


Need help ordering, have questions about our product or feedback about our service and packaging?

Email Sales or call 01474-815010, option 1



ROBERT CROYDON: Robert is a co-founder and our Managing Director overseeing IT projects, company strategy and analytics.

GARY BREEZE: Gary is a Senior Software Engineer.

MIKE TOWERS: Mike is also a Senior Software Engineer

Need to contact our technical team?

Email here or call 01474 815010, option 4 – the world’s best online store for rare, collectable and out of print Vinyl Records, CDs & Music memorabilia since 1987


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