Velvet Underground ‘Complete Matrix Tapes’ Vinyl Box Set announced

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The Velvet Underground will release a new vinyl box set made up entirely of performances from their 1969 residency in San Francisco.

Though the band never achieved massive commercial success, it developed a passionate following in the underground music scene and is regarded as a groundbreaking forefather in alternative music.

In 1969, the group performed a series of shows at the San Francisco club owned by Jefferson Airplane’s Marty Balin, the Matrix. The Complete Matrix Tapes captures highlights from two nights during this residency: Nov. 26, the day Richard Nixon authorized a bill to create a draft lottery, and Nov. 27, Thanksgiving.

The Matrix performances were intimate in nature and included early versions of yet-to-be-recorded songs like “Sweet Jane,” “New Age” and “Rock & Roll.” These shows featured a newly hired Doug Yule on bass and keyboards; he had joined the group in late 1968 following the dismissal of original band member John Cale. Lou Reed, guitarist Sterling Morrison and percussionist Maureen Tucker round out the band’s lineup.

While much of the material was originally released on the Complete Matrix Tapes CD set in 2015, this marks the first time these versions will be available on vinyl. The new limited-edition box set includes eight LPs, compiling a total of 43 tracks, including nine that are previously unreleased. You can see the full track listing below.

The Velvet Underground – The Complete Matrix Tapes vinyl box set goes on sale July 12, available exclusively at

‘The Velvet Underground – The Complete Matrix Tapes’ LP Box Set Track Listing
Side 1
1. I’m Waiting For The Man (Version 1)
2. What Goes On (Version 1)
Side 2
1. Some Kinda Love (Version 1)
2. Heroin (Version 1)

Side 1
1. The Black Angel’s Death Song
2. Venus In Furs (Version 1)
3. There She Goes Again (Version 1)
4. We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (Version 1)
5. Over You (Version 1)
Side 2
1. Sweet Jane (Version 1)
2. Pale Blue Eyes
3. After Hours (Version 1)

Side 1
1. I’m Waiting For The Man (Version 2)
2. Venus In Furs (Version 2)
3. Some Kinda Love (Version 2)
4. Over You (Version 2)
Side 2
1. I Can’t Stand It (Version 1)
2. There She Goes Again (Version 2)
3. After Hours (Version 2)

Side 1
1. We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (Version 2)
2. Sweet Bonnie Brown (It’s Just Too Much)
2. Heroin (Version 2)
Side 2
1. White Light/White Heat (Version 1)
2. I’m Set Free

Side 1
1. We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (Version 3)
2. Some Kinda Love (Version 3)
3. There She Goes Again (Version 3)
Side 2
1. Heroin (Version 3)
2. Ocean

Side 1
1. Sister Ray Part 1
Side 2
1. Sister Ray Part 2

Side 1
1. I’m Waiting For The Man (Version 3)
2. What Goes On (Version 2)
3. Some Kinda Love (Version 4)
Side 2
1. We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (Version 4)
2. Beginning To See The Light
3. Lisa Says
4. New Age

Side 1
1. Rock & Roll
2. I Can’t Stand It Anymore (Version 2)
Side 2
1. Heroin (Version 4)
2. White Light/White Heat (Version 2)
3. Sweet Jane (Version 2)

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