John Coltrane 1958 Vinyl Box Set Announced

A new box set compiling 37 John Coltrane tracks is due for release in March.

The tracks were recorded in 1958 for the Prestige Label, and will be available in remastered 8LP, 5CD and digital formats. The physical editions will come with extensive liner notes by Ashley Kahn.


It is due for release on March 20th via Craft Recordings.

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  • John Coltrane - The Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic Recordings - US - vinyl box set - £295.00, $380.55, €345.15 (New Item) (arrived 13-May-2020 08:33)

    JOHN COLTRANE The Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic Recordings (Very rare limited edition 1995 US remastered stereo 12-LP box set, comprising exact replicas of all ten original Atlantic album releases as well as an exclusive double LP outtakes collection. This collector's set comes complete with an extensive 44-page booklet containing notes by Coltrane biographer Louis Porter as well as testimonials from contemporaries such as Yusef Lateef & Charles Lloyd, a rare interview with 'Cousin Mary' Alexander & previously unpublished photographs. The slipcase on this picture box is un-numbered, meaning this set was most likely used as a promo, before the run of 3000 were released [aside from the blank box where the number should be, everything else is exactly the same]. The outer box remains in Excellent condition with a few scuffed corner edges. Each vinyl disc and sleeves are in MINT condition R171984)

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