Five new post-punk bands you need to hear

When you think of post-punk, some of the names that probably come to mind include Joy Division, Echo and The Bunnymen, The Sound, and The Cure. It was very much of the time, where those who were into classic, three-chord punk were departing into something more avant-garde. It was still raw, but the inclusion of more instruments and even goth rock tendencies gave it a much darker edge.

While some genres come and go, post-punk, it seems, is very much alive and well in 2017. Below are just a handful of some of the latest post-punk influenced bands you need to check out.

Soft Kill

On the back of their stunning 2016 album, Choke, Portland’s Soft Kill cemented themselves as one of the most important bands in this apparent revolution. Vocalist Tobais Sinclair lays everything bare across a haunting blanket of synths, dream-pop guitars, and pounding drumbeats. A new album from Soft Kill is due in 2018, and will no doubt build on what has already been a stellar back catalogue.

Death Of Lovers

Featuring three members of Philadelphia alt-rock band, Nothing, along with CC Loo, Death Of Lovers have made their long-awaited return this year with a new track, The Absolute. They have stepped away from the Joy Division influenced sound of their previous EP, Buried Under a World of Roses, going for a synthwave, ‘80s inspired sound. It’s just as potent, and the sax solo will get stuck in your head long after listening.


Chain Of Flowers

Forming from the ashes of several notable UK hardcore bands, Wales’ on Chain Of Flowers are not a new band, but their popularity is growing on both sides of the Atlantic. The self-titled debut album in 2015 saw them hone their craft, with a wash of buzz saw guitars, and vocalist Josh Smith’s unique vocal style. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for a band with a lot ahead of them.



This may be a risky inclusion, as you never know what Weekend are going to do next. Each record has been distinctly different than the last, with their earlier work sounding like a young Jesus and Mary Chain, and their last album, Jinx, being a unique mix of post-punk and synthwave. However, they have been teasing a return in 2018, and whatever they opt for next is sure to be magnificent.


Los Angeles trio, Glaare, have been around since 2012, but are steadily making waves through the underground now. Their sound is constantly evolving, and has more in common with the latter end of the post-punk spectrum. They fall somewhere between The Chameleons and the Cocteau Twins, and will surely be reaching a wider audience with their stunning new album, To Deaf and Day.


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