Is the album dead?

A recent article by TooFab suggests that the album format as dead, and industry insiders seem to agree.

“I just don’t think consumers care about the album anymore,” Evan Lipschutz, vice president of A&R at Warner/Chappell Music, told the magazine.. “I think [artists] are making visual albums when they want to do something truly artistic versus just make songs for quick consumption. I think that’s more of a way to set music apart so people actually buy it.”

The article goes on to say that streaming, iPod’s, and the nature of listeners appetite to immediate consumption are key factors in the decline and explains how technology has changed our culture.

“The attention to an album requires detail and some intestinal fortitude, like, “Yeah, I’m gonna listen to the whole album the whole way through,'” said producer, Jeremy Skaller “People don’t want that these days because they don’t have to.”

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