The latest Beatles turntable by Pro-Ject

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The latest in a series of Fab Four designs and perhaps the pick of them so far. That’s The Beatles Yellow Submarine turntable by Pro-Ject.

Of course it was going to be Yellow Submarine in 2018. After all, the animated movie is 50 years old and returning to the big screen as a 4K restoration to celebrate the event. A lot of related merchandise too. I mentioned the Pretty Green clothing range already (which also includes some design pieces) and I would guess that this record deck will not be the last tie-in we will see this year.

But it is the most recent one, so let’s focus on this one right now, as it a lovely piece of kit.

Of course, this is a deck designed to imitate the submarine at the centre of the movie and in that respect, it rally is job done. This is an incredibly eye-catching piece of design, especially if you are a fan of the band or animation.

Technical stuff? Ok, I have that too. The deck is handmade in Europe and comes a ‘rigid’ MDF chassis and is belt-driven with a synchronous motor. It also has a specially designed Ortofon Concorde pickup , vibration absorbing feet, a glass platter, a ‘highly precise and light’ aluminium tonearm, gold-plated contacts and a silicon belt with optimum dampening.

Oh and one other thing, which is the price. The Yellow Submarine turntable will be priced at £389, with a dust cover available but for extra cash. I said ‘will be’ because as yet there isn’t a definite shelf date, but I would guess the release will tie in with the film release.

And from the Pro-Ject website.

We all live in a yellow submarine!

In April 1968, the unique and very special Beatles movie „Yellow Submarine“ came into the cinemas. It was one of their most famous pieces in history. Now, fifty years later Apple Corps Ltd and Universal Music Group are reintroducing this movie, restored in 4k digital resolution. In order to offer Beatles fans of all ages the enjoyment of watching this one of a kind experience. The movie will be released across many cinemas in Northern America with remixed 5.1 stereo surround sound.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine turntable

As big fans of the work of the Beatles, we are proud to introduce this collaboration and number five of our Beatles series. The Yellow Submarine turntable is the most distinctive of the five yet. With its unique shape it is sure to attract many looks and loves by Beatles fans. By adding a glass platter to the turntable we made sure that this masterpiece won‘t get covered and can be enjoyed in full glory.

The supplied cartridge comes again from our long time partner Ortofon. Especially for this edition Ortofon have created a yellow Concorde cartridge, called Sonar. The S-shaped aluminium arm is adding a touch of harmony to the sound. Special decoupling feet make sure that the turntable is safely standing on its ground without worrying about vibrations.

Technical Details:

• Unique special Yellow Submarine look

• Belt-drive with synchronous motor

• Ortofon Concorde quality pickup

• Vibration absorbing feet

• Glass platter

• Rigide MDF chassis

• Highly precise and light aluminium tonearm

• Saphire-tonearm bearing

• Gold-plated contacts

• Silicon belt with optimum dampening

• Hand-made in Europe

The current retail price is set at €449.

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