Vinyl Tales: Meeting the people behind the record collections – Sept 2017

It takes a certain type of person to be a record collector. It is someone who loves music, but wants more from it, to feel it, to touch it, and full immerse themselves in the experience. In our new feature, Vinyl Tales, we will be meeting the people behind some of the best record collections out there.

This month we caught up with one of our customers, Kim Davies from South Wales. Kim has always had a passion for music since taking piano lessons their teens and isa self-taught guitarist, currently gigging on the South Wales pub/club circuit with his band, Chaser. Kim is a serious collector of the symphonic metal band, Nightwish, and has a very impressive collection of their catalogue.


Firstly, when did you start collecting records, and why?

I first started collecting Nightwish items around 2005. I saw an article on them in the October issue of Kerrang! which intrigued me greatly so I bought their then-current compilation CD, Highest Hopes, on CD and the rest, as they say, is history.

What was the first record you bought, and is there a story behind it?

The first record I bought was actually Bohemian Rhapsody 7” vinyl single way back in 1975 but the first record I bought of my Nightwish collection is as above.

What is the most you have ever paid for a record, and how did you acquire it?

I can’t remember the exact price but it was ~£200 for a fully-signed copy of the first edition release (limited to 500 pieces) of Nightwish’s first album, Angels Fall First – the one with the different rear cover. Bought it from ebay.

I sold it some years later (also on ebay) for > £800. (I needed the money to pay that month’s mortgage!)

What would you consider to be the most cherished item in your collection? (not necessarily most valuable)

There are quite a few but, if pushed, can’t choose between two:

Nightwish’s Live at The Gates of Metal – 2 x 12” clear vinyl bootleg. My first Nightwish vinyl bootleg LP.

Nightwish’s Vehicle of Spirit, multi-format box set – 3 x 12” coloured vinyl LPs, 2 x CD, 2 x bluray, 3 x DVD, poster, card prints, earbook. All in all, an absolutely stunning piece of merchandise

I do have a first edition copy of the AC/DC 6-album Vinyl Box Set 1, complete with poster and iron-on transfer, that I’m particularly fond of too.

What do you find is most appropriate way to store the collection?

Mine is stored on bookcases in my music room. Most are still in their shrink-wrap, but the vinyl that isn’t are in PVC dust covers. None of our seven cats or our dog are allowed in this room!

What are you still looking for to complete your collection? Do you have a ‘holy grail’ record you just have to track down?

There are number of items that I simply haven’t got around to buying yet (mostly recent 10” vinyl singles) but I would love to have a couple of items that I previously had but had to sell:

Nightwish – Angels Fall First 1997 CD album, first release, limited to 500 pieces, released on Spinefarm, cat # ‘SPI45CD ltd’ (There’s one on ebay at the moment for ~£400)

Nightwish – Angels Fall First 1997 12” black vinyl album, gatefold sleeve, released on Hammerheart/Vinyl Collectors label, cat # ‘VC005’

Nightwish – Wishmaster 2000 12” vinyl album, red vinyl, gatefold sleeve, released on Hammerheart/Vinyl Collectors label, cat # ‘VC027’

What advice would you give to those just starting to build their collections?

Do your research on what is common, what is rare and what is ‘mega-rare’. Don’t always buy something the first time you see it for sale – shop around and be patient. Don’t overpay. The vast majority of items will come up for sale time after time. Except for the ‘mega-rare’ items of course – buy ‘em when you see ‘em and don’t let ‘em go. You may never have a chance to own them again.

What do you see for the future of vinyl? Do you think it will continue to grow following the resurgence of the last few years?

As with most things in life, things go in circles. Yes, vinyl will continue to grow but no doubt at some point in the future will decline again.

Finally, do you think music really sounds better on vinyl?

Ironically, I don’t own a turntable – my vinyl stays un-played.


Many thanks to Kim for taking part. If you would like to tell your Vinyl Tales, please email with a brief description of your collection and why yours should be featured. – the world’s best online store for rare, collectable and out of print Vinyl Records, CDs & Music memorabilia since 1987

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