Dick’s Picks: A look into a rare vinyl LP compilation from Brazilian death metal band, Funeratus

Traditionally, Dick likes to be immersed in a psychedelic or progressive world. This week, however, the inquisitive one has travelled to the ferocious realm of death metal as he takes on a rare compilation from Funeratus.

Which scene do Funeratus come from, then?

This trio hail from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the same place that gave birth to two of the all-time greats, Sepultura and Sarcofago. While perhaps not regarded as influential as the scenes in Florida or Sweden, the Brazilian extreme music scene can be credited with some of the earliest incarnations of death and black metal. Funeratus are a product of this rich history, and remain an underground attraction.

So The Baptism – Upcoming Apparition, is this a compilation album?

Kind of, yes. The first half of the record is the original Funeratus demo, The Baptism, which has been long out of print since 1996. It’s far from easy on the ear, and is typical of the early, raw demo feel that was championed by so many death metal bands. The guttural vocals, searing guitars, and clattering drums are designed to terrify, and they do the job.

The second half of the record, Upcoming Apparition, is more early work from the band dating back to 1999. The tracks were originally released as a split with fellow Brazilian extremists, Decerebration, and saw a slight increase in production value. More so, the song writing prowess grew, drawing influence from Behemoth and Morbid Angel, bringing more technicality to their aggression.

Funeratus are still going today, and recently announced their new album, Accept The Death, which is due for release in the very near future.

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