Dick’s Picks: The only Fairfield Parlour full length vinyl LP, From Home To Home

Dick’s Picks: There are many types of parlour in this world, some of which you probably frequent on a regular basis. However, the chances are that you have never been to a Fairfield Parlour, which is where Dick headed off to this week.

Wait, but weren’t they called something else?

Yes, they were. Fairfield Parlour were also known as Kaleidoscope, as well as The Sidekicks (for a bit), and for an even shorter length of time, I Luv Wight. Despite the name changing throughout the years, their sound would remain fairly consistent. At the core, they were a psychedelic band with wistful, out-there lyrics to complement their sonically twisted palette.

So, what makes Fairfield Parlour stand out from their aliases?

The main thing, probably more so than their music, is that their only full length under this name, From Home To Home, was released on Vertigo Records in 1970 which makes it incredibly collectable. At this time in their career, Fairfield Parlour were marketed incorrectly as a progressive band, and while that style may be part of their lexicon, their sound was very much rooted in psychedelia. Where From Home To Home does differ are the nods towards acid-folk that creep into the record, giving an extra lucid layer to their already potent music.

Like a lot of records from this era, where bands were getting signed quickly and not making the impact labels hoped for, From Home To Home would fade quickly, becoming one of the many mythical Vertigo releases that would gain cult status in later years.

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