Art Vinyl Play & Display Frames In Now – See How Used Their Frames is an official distributor for Art Vinyl Play & Display Frames: the original way to display your favourite music and vinyl record art. 

Pro-Ject Signed Vinyl EIL (002)

The Play & Display Flip Frame was the first ever quick change solution for safely displaying record cover art. These unique Flip Frames, in black or white, can hold 99.99% of all LP’s of or 12″ singles and you can change your display or play your record whenever you wish to.

All Play 7 Display Flip Frames now come with added UV Protection (to best protect your own autographed albums!).

As enthusiasts and collectors you can take advantage of our exclusive pricing, the more you need, the less you pay.

For a serious collector, 3 is the minimum but 9 is the ultimate when celebrating an artists back catalogue.

 Single Frames @ £39 – click here

Triple Pack Of Frames @ £99 (saving £18 against individual frames) – click here

Three Triple Packs, ie Nine Frames @ £275 (saving £22) – click here

FREE DELIVERY to UK mainland destinations

David Gilmour lead image

See how they work – watch the video here of our current favourites!

Here at and we used the frames to great effect, each staff member picked a cover for display…






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  1. wow these frames seem expensive, would rather spend money on vinyl. unfortunately had to find cheaper ones online but your UV protection sounds good

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