Record Shop Promotional Only And Vintage Instore Displays

Promotional record store displays were produced for just that, record shops only.  Wall displays, stand ups, standees, ‘bins’, ceiling displays, mobiles, window displays and window stickers.  We’ve had them all.

Most got binned at the end of a marketing promotion, carted home by record store staff, or thrown into storage.  Most didn’t survive without some sort of wear and tear, but occasionally we do get a properly mint and unused one that never made it to the store shop floor. Few are made these days, so finding them in any useable condition is a proper ‘find’.

Some of these are desktop size, perfect for display in most homes, some are bigger and warrant proper framing to show to best effect and others, well, they’re too big to send in the mail but make stunning ‘art’ pieces in large or commercial spaces and can easily be collected from our offices.

David Bowie, Madonna, Pink Floyd, Band Aid, Genesis, INXS, Gary Moore, Rolling Stones, REM, Whitney Houston, Prince and more… you get the picture. There’s a shape and size for everyone.

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