On this day in 1979……

..Sony introduced the Walkman, the world’s first portable audio cassette player – in the UK it was initially called the ‘Stowaway’, elsewhere  it was known variously as the ‘Soundabout’ or ‘Freestyle’, and over the next thirty or so years they sold a staggering 385 million Walkman’s in cassette, CD, mini-disc (remember them!) and even digital versions – what happened? Err something called an iPod that’s what! So, if you’re of a certain age, I’m sure you remember them well – the Sony Walkman we salute you!

There it is! The 1979 vintage Sony Walkman
Wired for sound?
Stowaway 1980
Advert for the UK ‘Stowaway’

You can read a brief history of the Walkman here

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