Morrissey biopic film ‘England Is Mine’ premiere date revealed

From NME

The upcoming Morrissey biopic film has been given a premiere date.

The movie is being directed by Mark Gill and produced by Baldwin Li and Orian Williams, the latter of whom worked as producer on the Ian Curtis biopic Control. The film, which has not been authorised by the former Smiths frontman, is called England Is Mine, having been originally set to be titled Steven, which is Morrissey’s first name. The final title is a reference to a lyric in The Smiths‘ song ‘Still Ill’. Jack Lowden, who starred in the BBC adaptation of War & Peace, will play Morrissey, while Downton Abbey‘s Jessica Brown Findlay will reportedly portray artist, musician and Morrissey’s close friend, Linder Sterling.

It has now been announced that England Is Mine will premiere at the the 71st Edinburgh International Film Festival on July 2 at the Festival Theatre. In a statement, the festival’s artistic director Mark Adams says: “Morrissey is definitively one of Britain’s most iconic artists, and we are delighted to be exploring the enigma of his incredible life story on closing night with the world premiere of England Is Mine.”

In a recent interview, the film’s producer Williams revealed that the biopic will end when Morrissey meets Johnny Marr. The film will largely explore the frontman’s youth and his “triumph over an alienated childhood to become the cult star he is today”.

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