Top 10 ‘New Years Eve’ Vinyl from including Jimi Hendrix, Squeeze, U2, John Mayall and more…

It’s that time of year again, and by means of celebrating we took a tour around some of the darkest recesses of warehouse and found this superb collection of New Years Eve-Hootenanny-Hogmany-inspired vinyl records – chosen for their all-round grooviness first and for their New Years link (however tenuous, second!). So here, without further ado (cue fanfare), we give you the Top 10 New Years Eve Vinyl chart – Hooray!

How about this quirky little starter? Altered Images rework their birthday favourite into a New Year party starter – This is the rare UK 1981 RED vinyl 7″ flexidisc with together with the original 30-page Flexipop magazine No. 14 including articles and interviews with Adam Ant & Kim Wilde plus a pull out Motorhead 1982 calendar! – if 80’swas your era this will really bring those memories flooding back!! More info here
Now, if you can get past the album sleeve (which may well have been improved by the subtle introduction of a panty-girdle btw), this little paean to the New Year from everybody’s favourite Brit-Blues-Man is a bit of a cracker – more info here
In which the fret-bender extraordinaire (that’s Jimi btw) gets to grips with the ‘Little Drummer Boy’ (aahh) and ‘Auld Lang Syne’ – captured live at the Record Plant – New Year and Hendrix, what’s not to like? More info here
…and who are these fresh-faced Scandinavians getting ready for a New Years knees-up? No idea? Look a little closer and that cheeky chappie with the guitar is none other than a pre-ABBA Björn Ulvaeus, more info on this Abba-related rarity here
…and, as if by magic, here he is again! Welcoming in the New Year as if he was still part of the Hootenany Singers, more info here
….if this Top 10 is a virtual countdown then we’re not far off! Iron Maiden tell us there’s only 2 minutes to go and who are to argue…more info here
Yes, oh yes! A split A-label demo ’45 that pairs Bad Manners ‘Elizabethan Reggae’ with Chas & Dave getting to grips with the New Years national anthem, more info here
…time for a knees-up! And what better way than Mr Wilson Pickett? More info here
…well it had to be didn’t it? This is the rather tasty (and very collectable) Japanese original promo issue too – back of the net! More info here
Squeeze ‘When The Hangover Strikes’….need we say more? full info here

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