On this day in 1976….

….workers at EMI records went on strike, refusing to package the Sex Pistols single ‘Anarchy In The UK.’

They say that the ‘past is a different country, they do things differently there’, this story about the workers at EMI in Hayes who went on strike rather than have a hand in the ‘filth and the fury’ that was the Sex Pistols debut ’45 surely confirms this?

It’s hard to comprehend from a 2016 perspective that a ‘pop’ record could have such a polarising effect – it would seem that the Pistols did indeed represent the coming wave and your regular rank and file EMI employee were having none of it. I think there are also stories about the Pistols harassing employees, being sick, and well, basically being the Sex Pistols, so I guess this coupled with a song whose opening line ‘I Am An Anti-Christ’ probably didn’t help either!

one of the former EMI buildings where the ‘strike’ took place

…and here’s the record, any excuse!

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