Guess who is behind the resurgence in vinyl sales?

According to Team Rock it’s ‘middle aged introverts’ 

YouGov research suggests nostalgic middle-aged people are buying vinyl as opposed to young hipstersvinyl-8-10-2016-1200x630

New research suggests nostalgic middle-aged introverts are behind the resurgence in vinyl sales – rather than young hipsters.

Sales of vinyl records have been on the rise in recent years, with last year’s figures showing a 64% increase in the UK. And while there has been some evidence to suggest that young people pay for music more than their elders, new figures from YouGov say that isn’t the case when it comes to vinyl.

The YouGov Profiles data reveals that people who’ve purchased a vinyl album recently are more likely to be aged between 45-54, while those in the 18-24 age group are the least likely to have done so.

The stats also show that music plays a central part in vinyl buyer’s lives. YouGov say: “Two thirds, 66%, of this group say they could not get through day without listening to music, compared to 49% of UK adults in general. A third, 33%, of record buyers say they listen ‘whenever they can’ compared to 25% of over-18s overall.”

Vinyl lovers are also more likely to go to gigs, with 68% saying they are happy to pay to see their favourite acts live. And they also condemn illegal downloading, with 59% of vinyl buyers saying it’s “wrong.”

YouGov add that vinyl buyers are slightly more likely to both keep their feelings to themselves and enjoy being alone.

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What we want to know is – does that sound like you or do you think vinyl(s) resurgence is because all ages/genders are buying it?

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  1. Quite simply IMO it’s an authentic way of listening to music, especially that of pre-millenium, as vinyl was the intended format for that music, it was intended for vinyl. For me it’s keeping it real, real as it gets.

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