Vinyl Records See Highest Sales In Almost 20 Years – What’s Behind The Revival?

From Milly Stilonovic Forbes Magazine

It seems at every juncture in the evolution of popular culture, an equally thriving counter-culture is produced.

(Photo by: Guillaume Souvant/AFP/Getty Images)

The megalomanic balladry of the acid rock seventies produced the snippy verse-chorus-verse of anti-establishment punk.

The poppy and preppy sounds that dominated the tracks of the nineties were met with rebellion from the sludgy distortion of grunge.

Nowadays, with the ever-increasing digitalisation of the music realm, a sub-culture has reverted back to the era of spinning wax.

Yes, vinyl is back and more so than you’d think.

According to the Record Industry Association of America(RIAA), revenue from vinyl records rose 32 per cent last year to $416 million – the highest its been since 1988.

What’s more, revenue from vinyl records has surpassed revenue that the industry receives from ad-supported streaming services such as Youtube and Free Spotify for second year in a row.

While we live in a world where technology’s trajectory has geared us towards seeking the better, faster and more, what’s spurring the vinyl revival?

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