The Constant Sound: Mega Rare US Private Press Pop Psych Vinyl LP

Whoah……just landed is this genuinely rare and undiscovered ’67 US demo only 12-track mono LP of lost West Coast Sunshine Pop Psych, reportedly just one of three copies known to exist outside of private collections…scroll down for full info (well as much as we can gather!)

This album is so hard to find it has yet to hit the online market. A glowing review in Patrick Lundborg’s “The Acid Archives” appears to be its only point of reference thus far for Psych collectors worldwide – complete with a unique pasted sleeve with gold embossed lettering.
The labels state ‘Plays Both Mono-Stereo’ & ‘For Demonstration Only’, and check out those suitably groovy song titles – Ride A Pink Horse, Come Out In The Sun and, my fave, Calico Bus

Obtained from the vast personal archive of a former band leader & manager to the stars, Vic Lewis, the history of this record is mysterious to say the least, but its providence is sound. With songs apparently penned by George Wyle & production courtesy of the ‘Elliott-Ferguson Inc.’, aka Jack Elliott & Allyn Ferguson, this was obviously a record at the time with ambitions for release.

Musically, The Constant Sound is tightly arranged & consistently excellent, with perfectly tuned male/female vocal harmonies. It is classic sounding Californian Sunshine Pop, a la The Mamas & Papas, Lovin’ Spoonful, The Seekers, 5th Dimension, with top flight orchestrations. Allyn Ferguson went on to pen the Charlie’s Angels & Starsky & Hutch themes, no less. What’s more, Psych collectors should note the reverb & delay drenched ‘Dancing Patterns’ & references to San Francisco hot spots in ‘Avalon’ & ‘chemicals’ on ‘The Calico Bus’…

Patrick Lundborg states in his acclaimed ‘Acid Archives’ tome:

“A circa 1967 demo LP from a mystery band who deliver a dozen well-written, well-arranged & well-performed tunes in the California sunshine style, recalling Birmingham Sunday in particular. Unknown albums in this style aren’t many, & this is likely to blow the mind of any genre fan, as it delivers on all the key areas & has no obvious weaknesses. The band’s opening theme song is great, but perhaps the most remarkable thing is ‘Avalon’, an obvious tribute to Chet Helms’ acid-rock palace, where these easy-breezy LA sounds were hardly the favored music. Housed in a gold-embossed title sleeve with no other clues except a ‘Elliott-Ferguson Inc’ producer credit, this may have been some famous guys sending out a test balloon under an alias; in any event it has to rank as one of the Holy Grails for collectors of ’60s sunshine pop & lyte-psych. Only two copies are known to exist” [PL]

How many copies of this record were produced we cannot say, but how it ended up with Vic Lewis, a jetsetting big band leader from Britain with a love of the West Coast, is clear. Vic was also an in-demand manager, agent & talent scout. Rubbing shoulders with major Hollywood stars of the day, he also befriended & collaborated with many up & coming vocalists & arrangers of the era including Allyn Ferguson. Suffice to say, the record has remained stored in pretty much near mint condition in Vic’s archives all its life… until now.

We hope the next owner will be as excited as we were to find this curio. It is very rare to find an undiscovered late sixties US album in this day & age that would easily appeal to Beat & Psych collectors. Suffice to say, we have just the one copy to offer.

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