Convert Your Favorite SoundCloud Tracks Into A Vinyl Record


A startup is providing a unique service that turns your digital music library into real records

A new startup wants to make SoundCloud tracks more tangible by converting them into actual vinyl records. Selecting which songs to create into LP records will be based on popularity and demand. Vinylize explains on its website that users will connect to its service using their SoundCloud account to curate the tracks. Based on aggregated demand, Vinylize will then contact the artists/labels and convert the request into a crowdfunding project on QRATES.


There have been criticisms over the sound quality of using compressed audio files (such as MP3 and WAV formats) pressed into a record. However, most artists we reached out to on SoundCloud were in favor of services like Vinylize.

DJ and founder of DHC, Eric Carter Chu (a.k.a Dirty Soap), explained how he would be flattered if someone requested his tracks to be pressed into vinyl, adding that:

“MP3s have become so accessible, which can be a blessing and a curse as an artist. When everyone has a digital library of over 10,000 songs, it’s easy for individual tracks to get lost in the shuffle. Converting MP3 to vinyl has a way of circumventing that because it gives consumers an opportunity to appreciate their music even more.”

In the last five years, the figure for LP record sales worldwide has increased by almost 300 percent. This upward trend has created services that specialize in short-run vinyl pressings, allowing local artists and smaller labels to release one-off LP records.

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You can visit the Vinylize site here

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