What Makes “Sång Till Görel” The Rarest-Ever Abba 12″ Single?


Those in the know will know all about this legendary 12″… those who don’t yet, read on:

Sång Till Görel

This is a genuine 1979 Swedish-only single-sided 45rpm pressed on Translucent Blue 12″ Vinyl, on the Polar label. Pressed exclusively for Görel Hanser’s private birthday bash. Görel was Anderson’s personal assistant at Polar & close friend of the group to this day. The song was recorded by Abba & their manager, Stig Anderson at Polar Music Studios in Stockholm on June 9, 1979. Only 50 copies were “issued” on 21st June 1979, the date of Hanser’s 30th birthday, with the catalogue number ‘JUB30’ hand scratched in the run out.

The five-minute track is one of the rarest known Abba songs.

It has never seen a commercial release & was never supposed to. This extremely rare record was exclusive to Hanser’s birthday ball & only given out to fifty party attendees i.e. you had to be a close friend or member of the family to get one. Needless to say, very few have escaped Abba’s close inner circle – it simply never comes up for auction! The song features Björn & Benny on keyboards & banjo & Agnetha & Frida on vocals, as well as the golden throat of Stig, or “Stikkan” as he is credited on the label. According to Record Collector, the lyrics, if you understand Swedish, pay humorous tribute to Ms Hanser’s organisational skill, & extend a flapping flared-trouser thank-you for all her tireless work on behalf of the group. The vinyl grades Excellent & comes complete with the original custom die-cut title sleeve. The sleeve is near mint, & under a bright light, the vinyl reveals just a couple of ever so faint paper hairlines which have no effect on playback. JUB30

The rarest of the rare for Abba collectors, only the most serious Abba collector will have tracked one of these down … and it’s only taken 29 years for us to obtain this one

(we almost don’t want to let it go!).



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  1. “Only 50 copies were issued” is a myth. The number is realistically between 200-250 for both “Sång Till Görel” and “Hovas Vittne”. I have one and know of numerous collectors who also have it. It comes up at least once a year on eBay, Tradera or a popular Swedish auction house. A fan asked Anders Hanser several years ago and he agreed that at least 200 were pressed. Even with the higher count, it remains one of the rarest ABBA collectibles.

    • It is correct. The estimate is 200 copies, anyhow it can’t be a lot more than that. As Pepé states: a long-time collector knows more or less how many that are in other collectors hands and how often they turn up for sale. It’s very scarse no doubt about it and would still be counted as the most sought after ABBA-record together with Hovas Vittne (JUB 50), and perhaps En hälsning till våra parkarrangörer (POR 01)

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