A Nirvana session featuring unreleased songs has surfaced online – listen….

A fan bought a reel containing the tracks from eBay


A session featuring unreleased tracks by Nirvana has surfaced online.

The recordings were made on February 15, 1993, at Pachyderm Studios. A reel from the session containing seven tracks was sold online via eBay.

The fan who purchased the reel has now shared the tracks online. They include two versions of ‘Dumb’, three versions of ‘Marigold’ and two new songs.

As Stereogum reports, one seems to be a solo track from drummer Dave Grohl, while another is titled as ‘Lullaby’. Rumours suggest frontman Kurt Cobain is playing drums on the latter.

You can listen to the two new songs below.

What do you think? Stoned studio ramblings that do nothing for Nirvana’s legacy or good or bad needs to be heard?

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