Noel Gallagher ‘would play one more Oasis gig for £20 million’

Former Oasis member also explains why a reunion is further away than ever

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Noel Gallagher has again ruled out an Oasis reunion, insisting he would only reform the band for £20 million for one gig.

Gallagher’s latest quotes come after details of the Oasis documentary ‘Supersonic’ were confirmed this week. “For 20 million quid, one gig – that is good money isn’t it?,” Noel is quoted as saying. “But I have never had that offer from anyone yet.”
He also went on to explain why a reunion is currently out of the question. “Liam is a very angry man still,” Gallagher told The Daily Star. “So he is not cool. I don’t ever sit down and when people ask about Oasis go ‘no that is it’.

“There might come a day one day where it might seem like a good idea, but I have so much I want to do. I have so much to do on my own that I don’t really see it to be honest.”


In a separate interview in the Daily Mirror, he also explained his input into the ‘Supersonic’ documentary. Featuring up close and personal footage, as well as never before seen archive material and interviews with the band, the Oasis documentary reportedly follows them from the moment Liam and Noel Gallagher began making music together.

He added: “It’s nearly finished, I’ve got to go and see a version of it. I know a lot of research went into it. But to be honest this shit was getting made while I was putting a record together, so I couldn’t devote that much time to it.

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  1. Wot!! Twenty million to listen to that crap!!???

    No, but seriously,I think he’s just ‘avin a laff and getting good publicity.

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