How Many Copies Of The Same Vinyl Album Do You Have In Your Collection?

We don’t blow our own trumpet very often but we have a staggering 22 copies of Kate Bush’s A Kick Inside on our buyers desk today… what a haul. It must be one the largest amount of one album we’ve had from one collection in years.  

Moreover, look at the colours and variations!  This afternoon it will be history as these are individually added to our database and our site and fill gaps your own Kate Bush collection.

Find them all here…

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  1. I collect Nightwish vinyl and, album-wise, have:

    13 x Endless Forms Most Beautiful
    8 x Imaginaerum
    8 x Once
    5 x Wishmaster
    5 x Oceanborn
    4 x Dark Passion Play
    4 x Showtime Storytime
    4 x Over The Hills and Far Away
    4 x Century Child
    3 x Angels Fall First

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