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This is Joe Thompson who was the first winner of £50 store credit at for sharing with us his record collecting stories, and some tasty snippets from his incredible (and vast!) record collection, actually record collection doesn’t do it justice, you can get the full lowdown on Joe’s musical treasure trove here

We’d like to thank Joe for sending his article in and thanks for all your other contributions. If you’d like to win £50 store credit read on…..

Okay, here’s the deal – if you’re a dedicated music hound, we’d love to know about your record collection, we don’t care whether your preferred format is vinyl, CD, or perhaps 8-track cassette is your thing – that’s not an issue, neither is the size of the collection for that matter – big, after all, is not always better.

What we’d like you to do is tell us about your record collection: how did you get the bug, first record bought, favourite record, prized possession, styles of music, holy grail etc.

Please submit no more than 500 words and add no more than two pics – the winner with the most interesting story this week, chosen by our team, will receive a £50 (50 pounds) store credit and we will also add your story to our blog and newsletter [don’t worry, we won’t reveal any personal details]

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