Gigantic ’45s Collection Goes On Sale; 750,000 Records For $75,000

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That’s 10 cents each folks.

After 40 years in the 45s business, ‘Crazy’ Jerry Weber has decided to pack it in. The man behindJerry’s Records is selling his 750,000-strong collection of 7″s for total of $75,000. That’s 10 cents each.

Thankfully the gigantic collection has some level of organisation, with the records divided into five separate sections. The first two groups are non-specialist (rock, soul, pop, country) used records, alphabetised by artist and filed with name cards. These sections account for around 540,000 records.

The third group also spans the genre spectrum, but this batch of 100,000 are unplayed 45s in their original factory sleeves. These records were acquired ten years ago when a store closed.

65,000 rarities, promo items, and basically expensive gems make up the fourth section; whilst the final section sounds quite stressful – 60,000 completely unsorted, odd records.

The price is fixed and the entire collection must go in one sale. With typically crazy logic though, Jerry is still buying 45s until a deal is sealed. In a statement on Facebook, he writes:

“Although I am trying to sell my 45 collection (40 years worth of records). I am still selling (and buying) 45s every day. There will be new records every week until someone actually buys them.”

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