Qrates Launches Store Delivery Service For Vinyl Records

Funding your next vinyl release just got easier


QRATES has launched a new service named Store Delivery that provides artists and labels with the option to distribute their records directly from the production plant to stores across the world.

The crowdfunding site, that helps people raise money to press vinyl records, has given a platform to over 1,000 projects since its inception last April, and is sure to attract more users with the expansion of its service.

Record stores will be able to buy wholesale as part of the Store Delivery program, giving projects a higher chance of successful funding with both retailers and fans able to contribute.

A private portal will enable shops to access information about planned releases and links to preview the tracks, from which they can make a decision on whether to make a wholesale purchase. They will then receive any orders as soon as the plant has pressed and shipped them.

Partnerships are already in place with Europe’s largest online record store Juno Records, as well as HMV Records, Jetset, Technique in Japan, and many more. Further global partnerships, including with US stores, are on the way later this year, with plans to expand to 1,000 globally by 2018 in place.

For more details and to watch a promotional video go here.

Patrick Hinton from Mixmag


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