Tesco To Stock Vinyl Records: Have Your Say…..

Tesco have announced that they are going to be selling the new Iron Maiden album on vinyl stating that, “stocking vinyl was the “next logical step” in the company’s strategy”.

More evidence of that ‘vinyl revival’ thing in full swing or a cynical attempt to grab sales? We’d love to know what you think……

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  1. Definitely not. Supermarkets have played their part in helping so many record shops to close down. Some independents managed to keep going and even managed to stock vinyl. Most supermarkets have virtually ditched cd’s now. They should leave music to the record shops. Let the record shops reap some rewards of this vinyl revival whilst it lasts.

  2. I personally wish they would stay out of the market. If all the big stores start stocking vinyl, I’m worried the small, independent records stores won’t be able to compete with the prices or number of records available. Although it would be nice to have more places to buy vinyl, you can always just buy online if your local record store doesn’t have what you want

  3. I personally wish the big chain super stores would stay out of the market. I’m worried that as they all start stocking vinyl, the small, independent stores won’t be able to compete with price or availability,and could start closing down.

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