It Was Twenty Years Ago Today……

…….that Blur Vs Oasis battled it out for the number one spot in the Brit-Pop wars…..


Okay, technically it was twenty years ago this week that two pop bands, albeit indie bands, battled it out for the then coveted number one spot. Initially Blur’s ‘Country House’ was scheduled for release after Oasis’ ‘Roll With It’ but record company insiders at Food (home to Blur) saw a marketing opportunity – boy were they right.

Almost immediately it became, not only, a battle of the bands but also a thinly veiled class war, with the middle class southerners Blur scrapping it out with their working class northern contemporaries, it also signalled the high water mark of the whole Brit Pop phenomenon, soon after came heroin, bands splitting up, failed relationships, difficult second albums and a sea of very average, also-ran Brit Pop styled acts.

Whether you were in the Blur camp or Oasis (or neither) it’s difficult to imagine music/bands in 2015 generating this kind of interest and that’s got to be bad thing right?…..right?

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