Insane Record Collections and the People Who Own Them

Joe Bussard sitting in his basement in Frederick, Maryland, with some of the rarest 78s in existence. The brown paper record jackets behind him are all uniformly discoloured in the middle as a result of Joe’s hands sorting and searching through them for the past 60 years.

Photographer Eilon Paz left Israel in 2008 to try his luck in New York. “It was the worst time to try your luck. It was the beginning of the recession. There were no jobs to be found so I just found myself in record stores spending my money on records and nothing much more than that,” he said.

All that time spent around records gave Paz the idea to do a project on the people who collect them. After meeting African record collector and DJ Frank Gossner in Brooklyn, he became introduced to other collectors around the city and started posting photos and stories about them on his blog, Dust and Grooves. “I thought it was cool to shoot record collectors. I’m a collector myself,” he said. “I had shot musicians in Israel, but it was more of a job than a personal thing. This was my opportunity to express myself.”

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